You’re Hired!

Chief Economic Adviser to Trump on What It’s Really Like to Work in the White House


Inside the Oval Office, and First Impressions on Meeting the President

“Maybe the listeners have seen pictures of Kanye in the Oval Office — it was the same setup. There were four or five chairs for Kanye and his folks.”

“He made me feel like he’d known me forever, which I knew wasn’t true, but I still felt it.”

Insight into Trump’s Twitter Habit: Impulse or Strategy?

“[T]he thing he does on Twitter, which I explain in the book, is figuring out how to exaggerate a topic so that the press covers it.”

Trump’s Pragmatism: A Maverick Leader

“It is not just some impulse, middle of the night, wake up, have a drink of water, and send out a tweet, it’s carefully thought through to accomplish a goal.”

Rethinking Trump’s “Tariff Man” Economic Policy

“In fact, after I’d written that chapter and sent it around to some of the Reagan people, they said, ‘Yeah, the Japanese companies would come to the White House during the Reagan years and ask for a quota.’”

The Economic Factor in Trump’s Immigration Policy

An Anecdote about Bernie Sanders

Final Thoughts: Covid’s Impact on Trump’s Bid for Reelection


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