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Why Trustbusting Big Tech is a Bad Idea

Ryan Young on the DOJ’s latest Anti-Trust Lawsuit


Antitrust Law: An Overview

“In fact, the only examples [of monopoly] we have are ones that have been supported by the government, whether it’s the East India Trading Company, or AT&T more recently.”

Ryan Young’s Ideal World of Zero Antitrust Law

“Usually antitrust is in fact itself cronyism.”

Does Antitrust Protect Consumers or Competitors, or Both?

“Where in any founding document is the mission to have the government attack power simply because it exists?”

“You and I are much more powerful than Google.”

DOJ’s Case against Google: The “Censorship” Issue

The Uncertain Future of Tech Post-Lawsuit

Google & Advertising: Not a “Monopoly”

“Now, if Google and Facebook had the kind of concentrated monopoly power that should be fought, they wouldn’t be cutting their prices in half.”

The Laptop from Hell & A Cardinal Rule of Politics

“Republicans are proposing to gear up a large antitrust and speech regulation machine, precisely as they hand the keys over to Democrats… I can’t believe how short-sighted that is.”

The Case against Twitter

“Republicans want to regulate political speech in their favor.”

The Relevancy of the “Streisand Effect,” and Section 203

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