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Vaccine Mandates, George Mason, and the Bill of Rights

Jenin Younes & Todd Zywicki join me to discuss the constitutionality of blanket vaccine mandates.

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Fighting Employer Vaccine Mandates

“I was one of the early winners of the COVID lottery. I got COVID first in March 2020.”

“At that point, I felt like I owed it to myself. I felt like I owed it to my principles to not just cave to this dangerous, wicked, and malicious policy that they’re trying to enforce.”

Exploring Vaccine Mandates: Compulsion or Coercion?

“When the government violates a fundamental constitutional right, it has to be balanced against the state interest.”

“Just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re immune.”

The Right to Bodily Autonomy: A Constitutional Framework

“I’m hopeful that someday, we employees of George Mason, will have the same rights as federal prisoners.”

“I’ve not met a single person who had COVID who wants to get COVID again.”

“I think there is this false idea circulating that if everyone got the vaccine, the Coronavirus would just go away. We know that is not true at all. In fact, to the contrary, the mass vaccine campaigns might be causing more variants.”

The Effect of Governmental Fear-mongering

The Future of the Case

Vaccine Passports




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