Unmasking the Administrative State

John Marini on the Real Crisis of American Politics

“Although the evolution of bureaucratism has been very rapid in these last years, America is still, compared with the rest of the world, only superficially afflicted.” — *Bureaucracy*

‘“[T]he decision of the American people will determine the outcome for the whole of mankind.”

“The Claremont Institute teaches the philosophical reasoning that is the foundation of limited government and promotes the statesmanship required to bring that reasoning into practice.”
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Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore… A nameless, faceless bureaucracy has replaced Congress. John Marini explains all in *Unmasking the Administrative State: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century*
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The Perils of the Administrative State

With John Marini

“Trump is a threat to Washington because he takes politics seriously in a way in which many of those previously elected have not.” — John Marini, of the Claremont Institute.

Scientific Bureaucracy = The Loss of Liberty and Democracy

Revisiting First Principles: A Shift in Authority

“[E]very government that has ever existed has had an administrative component, but it is only in modern times that the administrative component is established on the ground of an authority that replaces the political judgment and the practical judge, the judgment that human beings make as citizens.”

The State vs. the Individual: A Clash of Two Power Structures

No Taxation Based Solely on Delegation

“Also, and I would remind our listeners that of all the cabinet posts in Washington which administer the bureaucratic state, there is no cabinet post called the Department of Liberty and Personal Freedom.”

A Confused Congress: From Legislation to Delegation

“The very structure of the bureaucracy means they will pay attention to all of the interests and all of the technical aspects of their assignment. But they do not pay attention to the freedom. And freedom, as Madison observed, will always yield.”

We the Wards of the Self-Appointed Problem Solvers

Donald Trump: A Citizen President


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