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The Foundations of Property

Bart J. Wilson on The Property Species

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Pinning Down Property


Observing the Origins of Property in the Laboratory

My friends in the humanities would say, “Property is this Western European construction” — a male-dominated thing that’s imposed on the world.

The Evolution of Property Customs and Laws

Yours and Mine: Is Property Learned or Innate?

In every human language, you can say this thing is mine.

It becomes property when [kids] understand what “yours” means.

Respect for Private Property Across Societies

The Importance of Trade

That notion of exchange is something that differentiates our species and makes what we see around us in the modern world possible — we’re the only species that is decreasing our infant mortality, the only species that is extending our own lives, the only species that’s making their lives more comfortable than they were.

Once they decide who can call things mine, and what those things are, then they can spend time being productive, and figuring out how to trade them to maximize the gains from trade.

Beyond Self-Sufficiency

Distinguishing Law and Custom

Economic Video Games




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