Jefferson draws up the Declaration of Independence — complete with a “bill of particulars” against the King. Kevin Kiley has done Californians a similar service with his book *Recall Newsom: The Case Against America’s Most Corrupt Governor*

The Case for Recalling Gavin Newsom

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley Offers a Bill of Particulars against the CA Governor

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“A new poll shows that 58.3% of Californians oppose [Newsom’s] re-election.”

Gavin Newsom fetes lobbyists — maskless — shortly after banning indoor dining across most of California.


Newsom’s Particular Abuses of Power

“The governor has caused incalculable harm to millions of California kids at the behest of his biggest campaign contributor. If that is not something that merits the extraordinary remedy of a recall and I’m not sure what does.”

“We tried to get the Governor to act more responsibly, and had not had success on either front. So we then turn to the third branch of government, the courts.”

AB 5 and the Long Bill of Particulars




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