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Restoring Common Sense to California

Tom Campbell on a Principled Third Party Alternative

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Ending One-Party Rule, Once and For All

Help is On the Way


The Shot Heard Round the World

A Lifetime of Service

Will the Real California Please Stand Up? Introducing the Top-Two Primary

“If we can identify and run an independent-minded candidate in seven assembly districts out of 80 — someone who thinks for herself or himself and doesn’t genuflect before the requirements of the major party — we can undo the chokehold because [that] will bring the monopoly party below two thirds.”

The Five Fundamental Principles of the Common Sense Party

We give Americans a choice in breakfast cereal, but we don’t give them a choice in ideas.

The Importance of Principled Representation

Is Compromise a Virtue?

You shouldn’t vote for D or R, you should vote for a person of integrity.

The Importance of the Individual Candidate


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