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Liberalism vs. Nationalism

Yoram Hazony takes on liberals of all stripes in his latest book, *The Virtue of Nationalism*

The Virtues of Internationalism

At its core, the book is a critique of liberalism — not just progressive liberalism, but also the liberalism of Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek.

The Vices of Nationalism

Of course, the elephant in the room is the reputation nationalism has for inciting ethnic divisions and, in the extremes, racial hatred. Nazi Germany is the most obvious example of national pride and self-determination run amok. Hazony answers this with evidence that Hitler’s plans were in fact rooted in an imperial ambition that can be traced back to Immanuel Kant’s dream of a perpetual peace upheld by a “world state.” Before this, European monarchs joined hands with the Catholic church to extend the universal (temporal and spiritual) authority of a Holy Roman Empire.

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Rediscovering Nationalism

Bob Zadek: This morning I get to use my favorite word. My favorite word is “why.” What is there about that word that gives me so much pleasure? I always find myself curious about how others feel about certain issues of economics, public policy, international relations and the like. Everybody else’s opinion is always of interest to me, but it is far less interesting than why they feel that way. One can just say “I don’t agree with you,” and that is not much of a conversation and is not very interesting. But once you look under the hood and ask “why?”, now you get a chance to understand how the person you are speaking to got there. This might help you reformulate your point of view and learn something.

Imperialism versus Nationalism

Bob Zadek: Because there is so much misunderstanding with labels, “-isms” are profoundly misunderstood. People can debate any “-ism” without knowing what exactly they are talking about, so the conversation is not very interesting and doesn’t get very far. Help us understand what nationalism is as you use the concept and what’s virtuous about it.

Persistent Moral Dilemmas

Bob Zadek: What should be our relationship to the struggling group of countries who are living in poverty, and who can’t get it right, and who have oppressive tyrannical governments? Do we sit back and merely observe? I know you have discussed this in your other talks, but our friends out there listening to my show haven’t heard you yet.

Donald Trump: A Modern Day George Washington?

Bob Zadek: Donald Trump has labeled his foreign policy as “America First.” Do you sign onto the concept of America First?

The Relation of Nationalism and Immigration

Bob Zadek: Now Yoram, you embrace the concept of nations and borders, and your views are quite interesting with respect to immigration. The United States, following the principles of nationalism, should look after its own citizens first. Starting with that point of view, what should be our country’s approach to the very important issue of immigration. How should a nationalist country approach the issue of immigration?


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