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Questioning the Left’s Inequality Narrative

Ed Conard on the Downside of Redistribution, and The Upside of Inequality

  • Apple alone is worth more than the 30 largest companies in Germany.
  • America is producing five times as many billion-dollar startups.
  • U.S. productivity, as measured by GDP per hour worked, has grown 50 percent faster than Northern Europe’s since 2000, and three times faster than Southern Europe’s with demographics similar to America.


A Deep Dive into Income Inequality

The Morality of Equality

Nobody complains that Tom Hanks makes more than the average physician. Nobody complains about it. That is income inequality.

We are producing five times as many billion dollar startups than Europe is with half the talent per capita, and our economies are about the same size.

The Talent Shortage & Total Factor Productivity

Force and Coercion: The Essence of Progressivism?

Global Wages and the Limits to Open Immigration

The Incentives of Redistribution and the Welfare State


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