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The New Civil Liberties Movement

Philip Hamburger on *Purchasing Submission: Conditions, Power, and Freedom*

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Filling the ACLU’s Empty Shoes

“The organization is actually somewhat like the ACLU, only we actually try to defend your civil liberties.”

“We have a new movement in favor of civil liberties.”

Avenues for Purchasing Submission

“Step one, take away rights or property. Step two, give it back conditionally.”

Examples of Unconstitutional Conditions

“There is no general spending power and it’s not clear that the spending is within the commerce power.”

Title IX Sleight of Hand

“The federal government is the virtual sugar daddy of most universities in this country.”

“That’s typical — money is used to control things that otherwise are outside the constitutional ambit of the federal government.”

The Dark Side of Plea Bargains

“No one ever lost a seat in Congress because they were too harsh on criminals.”

Build Back Better & the One World Tax Rate

“They had this extraordinary condition earlier this year: the states, upon receiving federal money, may not lower their taxes.”

“Federalism is not just a structural matter, it’s our freedom of self-government.”

“They’re trying to squeeze out variation so that they’ll have a uniform, minimum tax rate across the world.”

Next Steps for Civil Libertarians

“One of the goals of the book is to first help the judges see the problem more clearly.”

“Poor people are always asked to surrender constitutional rights in exchange for money.”

“It’s not a negotiation with the federal government because they carry guns. Landlords don’t carry guns.”

“Science is all about the dispersion of error and exploring new ideas individualistically.”




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