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Founding the Free Republic of Liberland

President Vit Jedlicka on the latest developments in the new country.

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Making a New Country Founder

The Legal Process of Starting a New Country

“We received 10 times more [applications] than we expected for the whole year.”

“You Need a Constitution. I’m Here to Help”

Diplomacy for Liberland

One Merit, One Vote

“It’s important that people that have done something more for the country, or they paid more voluntary taxes have a bigger say than people that have done a little bit less, or they paid less voluntary taxes.”

“In the United States, you pay $20 million in taxes, and nobody even says thank you in the tax office. You pay just a little bit less, and you end up in jail. In Liberland, we reward you by basically giving you a little bit more say than the others.”

The Birth of a New Nation

A Role Model for the World




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