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Deep State, or Shallow?

A Skeptic’s Guide to the Administrative State debunks conspiracies with a simpler theory

In a recent interview with Christiane Amanpour, author Michael Lewis countered the talk of a “deep state” conspiracy, referring to a “shallow state” in lieu of the Trump transition team’s failure to adequately staff the executive branch.

While the myth of the benevolent technocrat often provides a convenient cover for the capture *of* the regulatory state *by* the regulatory state and *for* the regulatory state, the skeptic’s view is gradually prevailing.

The insights of public choice have served as the back drop for dozens of my shows over the years on every imaginable topic:

  • Chevron deference
  • Unbalanced powers & the “Vanishing Congress”
  • The Corruption of Science, Medicine, & Nutrition
  • Transportation central planning
Understanding the runaway executive branch requires an understanding of the founders’ writings, and those of moderns public choice scholars
  • Stealth & “midnight” regulation
  • The rise of “elective monarchy
Was George Mason right? Find out in the report
  • The College-Administrator-Censorship Complex
Was Eisenhower right? Find out in the report.
  • The environmental racket
  • Media bias and ideological subversion
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