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The Capitol Riot in Context

Nick Gillespie on the Arrival of a New Libertarian Moment

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“We are in a particularly long-lived and continuous erosion of trust and confidence in all aspects of government.”

“It reminds me of the ’80s when Reagan conservatives were ascendant and painted the ’60s as this act of panty raids on the part of left wing radicals. They missed the point that there were almost as many right wing radicals and nut jobs out there.”

Anarchy and the Power Vacuum

“We have this huge void created by the loss of legitimacy of almost all of our institutions. Even Volkswagen… was caught cheating.”

“[Twitter] kicks off Donald Trump, but it allows other tyrants who have hundreds of thousands of people’s blood on their hands, to continue to tweet.”

The Great Escape: An Exodus from Mainstream Media

“How does the news excite you? Not by making you a bit smarter and more informed, it excites you by getting you fearful or angry. The news is measured by an entertainment matrix, not an informational matrix.”

“We can’t simply turn our back and watch seasons of Gunsmoke on TV in color, or radio serial gunsmoke. We can’t do that.”

“We need to maintain the idea that America is an interesting place, and the world is an interesting place to the degree that it gives individuals opportunities, and means to become the best version of themselves.”

An Alternative to the Two Party System



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