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A Libertarian Legal Perspective on Vaccine Mandates

Bob Levy, Chairman of the Cato Institute, discusses the nuances of individual and property rights that Biden’s new employer mandate brings up.

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Five Arguments Against a Federal Vaccine (Employer) Mandate

“It’s plausible to argue that a pristine libertarian perspective, that your personal autonomy may not be violated, comes into question when in fact, you’re causing harm to lots of other folks.”

“You cannot mandate people to engage in commerce so that then you can regulate them for having engaged in commerce.”

Meeting the Strict Scrutiny Standard

“Basically, strict scrutiny describes the hoops that the government has to jump through in order to justify regulations of fundamental rights.”

The Principle Non-Delegation

“Congress’s powers are not inherent. They are delegated to Congress by us, by the people, through the Constitution.”




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